MikaVAE™ Redispersible Polymer Powder: Enhancing Adhesive Mortars with Versatility and Performance

MikaVAE™ Redispersible Polymer Powder Enhancing Adhesive Mortars with Versatility and Performance

Composition of MikaVAETM Redispersible Polymer Powder:

MikaVAETM Redispersible polymer powder is a free-flowing, white powder obtained by spray-drying various types of polymer dispersions. These dispersions are typically derived from vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) copolymers, vinyl acetate-vinyl versatate (VA/VeoVa) copolymers, and other polymer compositions. 

MikaVAE - RDP powder

During the manufacturing process, these polymer dispersions are combined with protective colloids, plasticizers, and other additives, resulting in the formation of fine particles that can be easily redispersed in water.

Enhancing the Performance of Adhesive Mortars:

1. Improved Flexibility and Crack Resistance:

RDP in adhesive mortars

The addition of MikaVAETM redispersible polymer powder to adhesive mortars significantly improves their flexibility and crack resistance. MikaVAETM RPP acts as a binder, enhancing the mortar’s cohesive strength and flexibility, thereby reducing the risk of cracking due to external stressors such as temperature fluctuations and structural movements. 

This improved flexibility ensures the longevity of the adhesive mortar, even in challenging environmental conditions.

2. Enhanced Adhesion:

MikaVAETM redispersible polymer powder enhances the adhesive properties of mortars, allowing them to bond effectively to various substrates such as concrete, masonry, and ceramic tiles. The presence of MikaVAETM RPP in the adhesive mortar formulation forms a thin, continuous polymer film on the surface, improving the adhesion strength and reducing the chances of delamination or failure.

3. Water Retention and Workability:

MikaVAETM Redispersible polymer powder aids in maintaining the optimal water content within the mortar, improving its workability and prolonging the open time. This property is particularly beneficial in large-scale construction projects where extended working time is required. Additionally, RPP enhances the mortar’s resistance to sagging, ensuring proper application and reducing material wastage.

Applications in the Construction Industry:

The use of MikaVAETM redispersible polymer powder in tile adhesives offers several advantages, such as improved adhesion to substrates, increased flexibility, and reduced shrinkage. These properties make RPP-based tile adhesives suitable for both interior and exterior applications, ensuring long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing tile installations.

RDP for tile adhesive

EIFS is a popular cladding system used to enhance the energy efficiency and aesthetics of buildings. MikaVAETM redispersible polymer powder plays a crucial role in EIFS by improving the adhesion of the basecoat and enhancing its crack resistance. Furthermore, RPP-based EIFS mortars provide excellent weather resistance, ensuring the durability and longevity of the system.


MikaVAETM Redispersible polymer powder has revolutionized the adhesive mortar industry, offering enhanced performance, versatility, and durability. Its ability to improve flexibility, adhesion, and workability makes it an indispensable additive in various construction applications. As the construction industry continues to evolve, the demand for RPP-based adhesive mortars is expected to grow, contributing to the development of more sustainable and resilient structures.

MikaVAETM is the brand name for redispersible polymer powders from Shandong Meikai. As a factory direct supplier of redispersible polymer powder (RPP/RDP) and Cellulose Ether (HPMC/HEMC) in China, Shandong Meikai has gained customers looking to replace products made by some famous brands. Contact us today and get a free sample!


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