Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP)

MikaVAE™  Redispersible polymer powder (RDP) is usually used together with MikaZone™ cellulose ether products to modify the property of building mortars. It can be applied in a variety of applications in the construction industry to improve the key properties of cement and gypsum-based formulations.

MikaVAE™ Redispersible Polymer Powder

MikaVAE™ Redispersible polymer powder (RDP) is a free-flowing, white powder obtained by spray-drying of an aqueous vinyl acetate-ethylene(VAE) copolymer dispersion, uses polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid., It offers all the advantages of a free-flowing powder additive such as ease of transportation, storage, and handling.

MikaVAE™ polymer powders combine the adhesion of vinyl acetate with the flexibility of ethylene. The powders can be quickly redispersed into an emulsion after contact with water, and the emulsion has the same properties as the original dispersion. When the powder is emulsified and dispersed in water, it will form a polymer film after the water evaporates, This film has high bonding ability and unique properties, such as high flexibility, high heat resistance, and high adhesion to the various substrates.

Benefits of MikaVAE™ Redispersible Powder

Better water retention & extended open time

Better strength development & cohesion of the mortars

Enhanced adhesion to various substrate

Enhanced tensile strength & crack-resistance

Increased impact and abrasion resistance

Application Selection of MikaVAE™ Products


Tile Adhesives


Wall Putty/ Skim Coat

Lightweight Sandwich Panel

Self Leveling Compounds

Waterproofing Mortars

Repair Mortars

Joint Fillers

Diato Ooze

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