MikaVAE™ MK3520N

Mikavae™ MK 3520N Redispersible polymer powder (RDP) is based on a very flexible copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene, suitable for the ETICS, tile adhesives, and repair mortars. the N means that it has a neutral effect on rheology and provides the basic properties of adhesion and flexibility, besides, it is compatible with a wide range of building mortars

MK3520N Redispersible Polymer Powder

Mikavae™ MK3520N Redispersible polymer powers are especially suited for the construction industry, working as an important additive in dry mix mortar.

It can empower the mortar with improved adhesion, flexural strength, deformability, abrasion resistance, and easy construction.

  • Enhanced adhesion strength and tensile strength
  • Improved workability
  • Improved flexural strength and abrasion resistance

Applications in the construction industry including

Tile adhesive

Tile grout

Wall putty

Repair mortars

EIFS mortars

Self leveling compounds

Technical Data of Mikavae™ MK3520N RDP

Physical Properties


MK 3520N


White, free-flowing powder

Solids content

min. 98 %

Ash content


Bulk density

490 – 590 kg/m³

pH Value                                                                                                 6-8

Minimum film formation temperature (MFFT)



Mikavae™ Redispersible polymer powders are packed in multi-layer paper bags with a PE-liner of 25kg net and supplied on pallets with shrink-wrapped.


Mikavae™ Redispersible polymer powers should be stored in a dry and cool environment. The shelf time is 12 months. Carefully seal any open containers and store them under suitable conditions.


Mikavae™ MK 3510N Redispersible polymer powder (RDP) is based on a semi-flexible copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene.


Mikavae™ MK 1620N Redispersible polymer powder (RDP) is obtained by spray-drying of an aqueous vinyl acetate-ethylene(VAE) copolymer dispersion.


Mikavae™ MK 1610N Redispersible polymer powder (RDP) is based on a rigid copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene.


MikaVAE™ MK8025H Redispersible polymer powder (RDP) is based on a flexible terpolymer of vinyl chloride, ethylene, and vinyl laurate.

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