MikaVAE™  VAE RDP for Waterproofing Mortars

Waterproofing mortar is a high-performance, polymer-modified, cement coating. It is a blend of hydraulic cement, high-performance additives, and quality aggregates. Waterproofing mortars are often applied in water reservoirs, water retaining structures, basements, and other engineering structures as well as beneath tiling for swimming pools, balconies, bathrooms, and kitchens. It can also be used to waterproof basements, foundations, retaining walls, tilt-up concrete, cast-in-place concrete, and precast concrete.

Waterproofing mortars modified with MikaVAE™ redispersible polymer powders are ideal for use on substrates prone to shrinkage, cracking, movements, stresses, or vibrations. They deliver excellent water impermeability as well as very good adhesion to different substrates.

MikaVAE™ MK8027H

Recommended Grade

MK8027H for Waterproofing Mortars


MikaVAE™ MK8025H

Recommended product

MK8025H for Waterproofing Mortars


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